Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clocks in 2020 Reviews

Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clocks in 2020 Reviews May 13, 2020Leave a comment
iHome Alarm Clock iPL23

iPhone Dock Alarm Clocks – If you have an iPhone, you’d want to check out some iPhone dock alarm clocks. Why? Because not only you will have a nice device (and spot) to charge your phone, you will also get various extra features that you’d like. Of course, the extra features here depend on which iPhone dock alarm clock device that you choose.

There are plenty of dock alarm clocks out there. Although this gives you more options to choose from, it can be confusing. Which one should you buy to wake you up? We can help to answer that. Here, we review 8 iPhone dock alarm clocks. It should help you decide which dock alarm clock fits you the most.

Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clocks

1. Tyler TAC501-BK iPhone Dock – Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio

The Tyler TAC501-BK is among iPhone dock alarm clocks that have not only a compact profile but also an ergonomic design. With a dimension of 11 x 4 x 5 inches, the dock alarm clock is very portable. You can move it anywhere you like. Since it doesn’t occupy a lot of space, it is an excellent option for everyone.

Tyler TAC501-BK iPhone Dock Alarm Clock

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, this dock alarm supports both wireless audio and hands-free conversation. Wireless connection is great but some people do prefer wired ones instead. This dock alarm can be connected to other devices. If you want to go wired, just plug in your device via the aux-in port. Its LED light’s brightness can be adjusted as well.

As for the alarm, it comes with a conventional buzzer. The preset memory comes with up to six stations. As good as it is, the Tyler TAC501-BK does have flaws. For instance, some people find the device is not so user-friendly because it is difficult to use. Some others complained about its radio features, which, at times can get fuzzy.


  • Compact profile, ergonomic design, and portable
  • Soft LED light. The brightness can be adjusted
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity to make it easier to connect to your iPhone
  • Two speakers with various sound options to choose from


  • Not user friendly and can be difficult to use
  • Although it has an antenna for radio, the radio can get fuzzy

2. Galahome Wireless Charging Alarm Clock – Dual Alarm Clock for Bedroom

Galahome Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

If you’d like to have an iPhone dock alarm clock that can charge two devices simultaneously, look no further than this dock. Coming with USB and wireless charging, you can charge your iPhone and another device together. Having a single dock with which is able to charge your devices is very convenient, especially if it has various other features.

Among the features that this device offers are dual alarms, which allows you to set two different alarms and adjust the volume as you like, a snooze system with 9 extra minutes to help you get prepared, and battery backup, so even if there is a power outage, the alarm can still wake you up.

This device is also among iPhone dock alarm clocks that offer radio features. It comes equipped with an extendable FM antenna to improve reception and can save up to 20 radio stations for quick access to your favorite radio stations. With Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility, you can stream music or radio with excellent iPhone dock alarm clock quality.


  • Sleek, compact design
  • Easy to read, thanks to its large LED display
  • Adjustable brightness. No more too dim or too bright display
  • Multiple safety features such as temperature control, short-circuit prevention, and surge protection, among others


  • Can be difficult to use
  • Overheat issue when using wireless charging
  • Battery backup is not included

3. iHome Alarm Clock iPL23 – Lightning iPhone Charging Dock Station for iPhone

iHome Alarm Clock iPL23

There aren’t many iPhone dock alarm clocks that offer extra portability and multifunctionality like iHome iPL23 does. The dock is very small and compact, thus making it very easy to place even in tight spaces. Portability is not its only excellence, of course. There are also a Lightning connector, alarm, FM radio, Sure Alarm, and Auto-Sync as well.

What makes this dock a solid option is its compatibility. You can use it to charge older iPhone devices, even to iPhone 5s. So, as long as the device is Lightning-capable, you can use this dock to charge it with no problem. Having a Lightning connector also means it can charge an iPod as well. Convenient, isn’t it?
As an alarm, the dock has an adjustable sleep timer. The sleep timer is not only adjustable but also set with a separate

volume. No more worrying about an alarm that sounds too loud. The speaker, albeit small, produces good quality sound. You can listen to your favorite music or radio station as your iPhone is charged.


  • Very portable, weighing less than 1.5 pounds with a dimension of 10.9 x 7.4 x 5.3 inches
  • Thanks to its Lightning connector, it is compatible with various iPhone and iPod devices provided that the device is Lightning-capable
  • User-friendly
  • The sleep timer is adjustable, including a separate setting for the volume


  • Only the top Lightning port supports audio play
  • The speakers are small

4. iHome Alarm Clock iPL8XHG – Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio

iHome Alarm Clock iPL8XHG

Portability in any item is always welcome. Of course, that applies to the iPhone dock alarm clock too. Compared to the other iPhone dock alarm clocks on the list, this one is ultraportable. With a dimension of 5 x 5 x 4.5 inches, weighing about 1.48 pounds, you can charge your phone and set an alarm for tomorrow anywhere you like.

Waking up to your favorite radio station or music would be nice, wouldn’t it? If you think so, then you should consider the iHome iPL8XG. This dock not only charges your iPhone device but also wake you up softly and gently. You can also set Snooze time settings as well as different music timers with different and separate volumes.

As for radio and music features, there are 6 preset station memories that can be set to your favorite stations and a set of side-firing dynamic speakers. You will be able to listen to powerful bass, clear highs, and excellent stereo separation each time you listen to your favorite song or radio stations.


  • The back-lit display is large and bright
  • Excellent sound performance thanks to the twin dynamic speakers
  • The alarm is gradual and started softly
  • Compatible with various models of iPhone and iPod


  • While the backlit display is large and bright, the buttons don’t light up
  • No separate settings for weekends

5. DPNAO iPhone Docking Station – Bluetooth USB Port Touch Key Remote

DPNAO iPhone Docking Station

When it comes to compatibility, DPNAO iPhone Docking Station is similar to other iPhone dock alarm clocks that have a Lightning connector. That is, it can charge and play iPhone devices that have the Lightning capability. For example, devices as old as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s and as new as iPhone X and iPhone XS.

What makes Dpnao iPhone Docking Station a great option is it will synchronize automatically with the device. Let’s say you dock your iPhone device to it. After the device is docked, the docking station will synchronize its clock time to the device thereby removing the need to adjust the dock’s clock manually.

With its high-fidelity speaker system, the dock makes a great alarm, music player, and FM radio. Coupled with its LED display with bright and dim control, you can rest easy at night. The built-in Bluetooth feature allows you to stream wireless audios with ease. There is also a 3.5 mm AUX input jack, for wired connection.


  • Excellent sound quality due to its high-fidelity speaker system
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Amazing compatibility with Lightning Connector
  • Automatic synchronization with the docked device


  • AM radio is not available, only FM radio is available
  • If the device has a protective case, the docking can be a bit difficult. Sometimes, the case has to be removed so the device can be docked

6. InstaBox W33 – Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock

InstaBox W33 - Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock

The next in our iPhone dock alarm clock list is InstaBox W33. This dock alarm clock has a similar boxy design as others on the list. What makes it stands out is its large display. This large display is 3 inches wide LCD screen. With such a display, it is easy to read the time even at a glance.

As a dock, InstaBox W33 has two ways of charging: wireless and USB. That means you can charge two devices at the same time, be it two phones, a phone, and a power bank, or others. As an alarm, it comes with a dual alarm, allowing you to set two different timers and a snooze option, to add an extra 9 minutes.

The dock comes equipped with dual Bluetooth speakers and an FM radio function with a sleep timer. If you want to play your favorite music or listen to your favorite radio station, you can do so wirelessly. The speakers are good enough to provide room-filling music. With the sleep timer, the radio will automatically be turned off after a period of time.


  • Large, easily readable display
  • Dual alarm, making it easier to adjust for different schedules
  • Snooze option to add extra 9 minutes for sleep


  • Can be difficult to program
  • Controls are not user-friendly and not intuitive
  • Limited compatibility (only iPhone 8 and newer models)

7. iHome Alarm Clock iPL24 – Dual Charging Docking Clock

iHome Alarm Clock iPL24

iHome iPL24 is an example of a high-quality iPhone dock alarm clock. When it comes to compatibility, as long as your device is Lightning-capable (from iPhone 5s to XR), iPL24 can charge and play it. The Auto Sync feature is also amazing. All you need to is dock your iPhone and it will be sent instantly and automatically.

As for alarm features, the alarm is easy to set. You can set the alarm to wake to FM radio or iPhone. The Dual Alarms setting enables you to separate alarm sources and wake times while the Sure Alarm backup keeps the clock setting and make sure that the alarm is still on even when there is a power failure.

An alarm is not as good without a display of time. In the case of iPL24, the display is quite big. As a result, you can read the time easily including even with a glance. The display’s brightness can be set to your liking so it doesn’t disturb your restful sleep at night.

iPL24 comes with various extra features too. There are Sleep Mode, which enables you to sleep to FM radio or iPhone, 12- or 24-hour display, Aux-in jack for connection to just about any audio device, display dimmer control, and Reson8 speaker system with crisp and clear audio, among others.


  • Unique, modern, and sleek design. It can fit just any space in the house
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Large display for easy reading
  • Sleep and wake up to your iPhone or FM radio
  • Lots and lots of additional features


  • The display can be too bright for some

8. iHome Alarm Clock iDL44 – Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio

iHome Alarm Clock iDL44

There are lots of iPhone dock alarm clocks out there that are not case-friendly. iHome iDL44, however, is different. This dock has a case-friendly design. Yes, there is no need to remove the protective case each time you want to dock your iPhone. That is definitely a huge plus and practical, especially if you travel a lot.

When you are looking for a charging device, you’d want a device that can charge various devices. iHome iDL44 is a great option for that. It is compatible with many models of not just the iPhone but also iPod as well. That’s right. There is no need to worry about whether your phone or device is compatible or not.

iHome iDL44 is also an amazing alarm. First and foremost, it wakes you up gently. The alarm starts softly and as time passes, increases gradually to wake you up. Second, a backup battery. Afraid of getting up late because of a power outage preventing your alarm to start? No need to. A backup battery will ensure the alarm starts as intended.


  • Case-friendly
  • Excellent compatibility with various iPhones and iPod models
  • A good quality stereo speaker system


  • The light might be too bright for some


Out of these iPhone dock alarm clocks, which one do you like the most? As we said earlier, the features of dock alarm clocks vary differently from one to another. As such, an iPhone dock alarm clock with FM radio and Bluetooth features might be ideal for some and not for others. That said, the above are all solid options.

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