The 8 Best USB Hub to Buy in 2022

The 8 Best USB Hub to Buy in 2022 August 8, 2020Leave a comment
Best USB Hub to Buy in 2020

The 8 Best USB Hub to Buy in 2022 – Most computers and laptops have limited USB ports of different types. It can be troublesome when you have to plug printer, keyboard, mouse, and other devices at the same time but you only have two or three ports. A USB hub can help solve the problem as it allows the computer to connect to more devices. This peripheral is abundant in the market, so choosing the best USB hub can be a real challenge.

USB hub provides additional ports to your laptop or computer. The number of additional ports varies widely, ranging from 4 to 10 ports in one hub. Are you looking for the most recommended USB hub? Check the following list and pick one that meets your preferences.

Best USB Hub to Buy in 2022

1. Anker 4-Port USB 3.0

Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

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Anker has been around for a while, providing you with high-quality computer peripherals. When it comes to a USB hub, Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 can be a nice pick. This hardware boasts an ultra-slim and lightweight design that makes it highly portable. Coming with extended cable, it works well for an array of devices including Macbook, Mac Pro, XPS, iMac, and many more.

The ultra-slim data hub features 4 ports that give additional plugs for more devices. The manufacturer offers two models with different cable lengths, 0.7 feet, and 2 feet, allowing you to adjust the length to suit your work environment. Either model that you use, Anker USB hub is dependable to connect your computer with other devices.

Enjoy high-speed data transfer with up to 5Gbps data speeds. Transfer photos, music, and even movies in seconds are completed within seconds. Anker knows that the cable is resistant to damage. Thankfully, the best USB hub brings a boast of damage-resistant cable with higher flexibility. No matter how you bend or twist the cable, it will stick to the device.

The Anker 4-Port is compatible with most operating systems including Windows XP or later, Mac OS, and Linux. With this peripheral, it is no longer overwhelming to connect devices to the computer. If you are looking for a premium USB port for the home environment, this Anker 4-Port hub is surely for you.


• Ultra-slim design
• Fast data transfer
• High compatibility
• Damage-resistant cable


• May does not work for some USB 3.0 devices
• Does not support charging

2. TP-Link 4 Port 3.0 USB Hub

TP-Link 4 Port 3.0 USB Hub

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When messy computer networking and tangled cord drives you insane, the TP-Link USB hub helps rearrange your workstation. This USB peripheral gives you peace of mind, thanks to a foldable cord design that simplifies your way of connecting devices to the computer. Once it is not used, simply fold the cable and it will make your workstation look more organized.

This best USB hub is excellent for traveling as it can slip easily into your bag. Measuring 2.8 inches by 2.8 inches by 0.7 inches, it won’t consume a lot of space in storage or on your desk. The USB 3.0 Type A is compatible with major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. With 10x data transmission speed, it lets you enjoy data transfer up to 5Gbps.

The TP-Link is made with solid material that ensures its durability. Thanks to ABS housing that boasts ultra-sturdiness, allowing you to store and put the device almost anywhere. It also has a high-quality cable with a reinforced PVC jacket and is highly flexible for extra convenience. Four LED indicators are embedded in the housing for a stylish appearance.

While most connectors of the USB hub can cause a scratch on your laptop surface or desk, TP-Link offers a smart innovation with a connector slot. This slot enables you to store the metallic USB connector for a scratch-free surface. Unlike a conventional hub, TP-Link peripheral upgrades your experience in using a USB hub.


• Fast data transfer rate
• Portable and convenient
• Sturdy housing


• Very short cable

3. Hiearcool USB C Hub


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Hiearcool can be the best USB hub for home environments or small offices. It combines a docking station and USB C hub in one peripheral, allowing you to enjoy the convenience without too many cables. Unlike the previously reviewed models, this USB peripheral comes with 11 ports. Coming with a triple display, your workstation will be more organized.

This versatile USB hub is portable and lightweight. Weighing 2.36 inches by 4.52 inches by 0.59 inches, this hardware can be easily stored in your bag or drawer. During your work time, it spends a little space on your desk.

The intelligent Hiearcool USB hub features a dual-core VL817 chip that consumes less power during standby. Smart technology enables you to reap the benefit of shorter charging times and higher safety as it can prevent overload, over-voltage, and short circuits. It also provides better heat emission so your devices will not be affected.

Hiearcool supports a triple HDMI display up to 1920 x 1080 displays or a dual HDMI display up to 3840 x 2160 at 30 Hz. It also comes with Gigabit RJ45, card slot, and super speed USB 3.0 ports. Hiearcool can be a perfect alternative if you need a quality USB hub with a tight budget.


• High versatility
• Less power consumption
• Reliable connectivity


• Mirror mode only for Mac Os
• TF and SD card cannot be used together

4. Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0

Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

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Add four extra ports to your computer with a Sabrent USB hub. This peripheral is specifically designed for the home environment, allowing you to connect more devices to the laptop or computer. With a boast of lightweight and compact design, this USB 3.0 hub is travel-friendly and space-saving.

This hardware gives you control over an individual port, thanks to the power switch that comes along with the device. Simply choose the port you are going to use and switch the rest off. The best USB hub offers 10 times data transfer speed up to 5Gbps. Video, movies, music, or photo galleries can be easily tackled.

The Sabrent 4-Port USB features sophisticated technology. Not only is it compatible with USB 3.0 products but also USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 products. Now you can enjoy a more extended range of compatible devices with this USB peripheral.

This hardware features easy setup and no installation. Simply plug the port into a computer USB port and you are ready to go. Additionally, it has LED indicators that show the power status for each port. Sabrent is worth the thought if you need a dependable USB hub for the home environment without spending pretty pennies.


• Easy setup
• Incredibly fast speed
• Power switch for individual port


• Short cable
• No charging

5. Aukey 4-Port USB 3.0

Aukey 4

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Another best USB hub is presented by Aukey. The high-performance peripheral wrapped in a small and compact design enables you to connect more compatible devices to the computer. The USB 3.0 Type C hub offers four additional ports with incredibly fast data transfer up to 5 Gbps. With this hub, transferring movies or videos will be 10 times faster.

Aukey USB hub comes with improved circuitry that features dual protection that includes comprehensive electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge. This technology promises reliable performance for a more engaging experience.

Much like other USB hubs, this model is designed with a lightweight and ultra-thin body. With a silver brushed aluminum body, it looks more expensive than its actual price. No matter where you are, it makes sure the laptop or computer never runs out of a USB port.

Coming with extensive compatibility, this hub works well for flash drives, keyboards, mice, phones, hard drives, and printers. Additionally, the hardware is easy to set up. The plug-and-play device requires no software, drivers, or installation.


• Support extensive range of devices
• Easy to setup
• Slim and seek


• No charging
• Relatively short cable

6. HooToo USB C Hub

HooToo USB C Hub

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Upgrade your computer connectivity with the HooToo USB C hub. This versatile peripheral wraps seven ports in one, giving you more device options to connect to the laptop or computer. With a stylish and compact design, this USB hub allows you to work with style.

HooToo USB C features a 4K HDMI port, PD charging ports, 3 USB 3.0 ports, TF, and SD card reader. With a 4K HDMI adapter, this hardware lets you extend the screen to a monitor or projector. With a 100W power delivery, you can charge devices like MacBook or others with USB C ports.

The best USB hub promises lightning-speed data transfer up to 5 Gbps. Whenever you need to transfer music, video, or photo to or from SD and TF cards, the HooToo delivers up to 480Mbps. Additionally, the peripheral read the cards simultaneously.

The 7-port USB hub is powered by an intelligent chip that helps control the temperature. The chip ensures a stable condition to prevent overheating and overload. Enjoy connecting your devices such as a keyboard, printer, mouse, or flash drive with HooToo USB C hub.


• Charging capability
• Lightning speed data transfer
• Highly portable


• Do not charge tablets
• Supports only one external hard drive

7. Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub

Anker 10-Port

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When 4 extra ports are not enough, you can opt for an Anker 10-port USB hub. This peripheral provides 3 PowerIQ charging ports and 7 USB 3.0 ports for extensive connectivity to your computer or laptop. Despite it having larger dimensions than a 4- or 7-port hub, this one-display hub is still easy to carry. All-black housing with a glossy finish really defines its price.

Not only does this USB peripheral support device syncing, but it also supports device charging at full speed. With extensive compatibility, connecting all devices such as a keyboard, mouse, printer, or flash drive to the computer is a piece of cake.

Anker USB hub boasts an ultra-fast data transfer of up to 5 Gbps. Whether you need to transfer data and files or simply want to sync devices, this hardware helps save much of your time. Meanwhile, the smart charging ports are able to detect your device and perform powerful charging up to 2.1 amperes per port.

The pen case-sized USB hub features a built-in surge protector that keeps your data and device safe. It also supports hot-swapping that enables you to disconnect devices. Make the best of your time with Anker 10-port.


• Excellent set of features
• Fast speed
• Powerful performance


• Lack of HDMI port
• Expensive

8. Anker 7 in 1 USB C Hub

Anker 7 in 1

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If you are looking for a USB hub with multi ports, Anker 7 in 1 can be a nice pick. The slim and sleek peripheral can be a great addition to your workstation. All-grey housing with glossy premium finishing and the semi-round edge becomes a plus point for this hub.

The USB C adapter features a 100W power delivery, 4K HDMI port, USB C port, microSD reader, and 2 USB 3.0 ports. The hardware is compatible with MacBook Pro, XPS, Chromebook, and more devices. It works well for printers, keyboards, mice, projectors, and flash drives.

Get a new experience of mirroring your screen with a 4K HDMI port that helps show vivid display at 30Hz. Coming with a 100 W power delivery, means you can charge and use the port at the same time. This power is enough to charge a MacBook at full speed. Amazingly, using the peripheral for multiple purposes does not drop its charging rate.

The best USB hub from Anker promises an excellent data transfer speed of up to 5 Gbps. That means transferring photo albums, videos, movies, and other files can be done within minutes. Whenever and wherever you need a USB port, Anker comes to make your life easier. Not only does it work for computers and laptops, but it also works well for USB-C mobile phones.


• Portable and convenient
• Powerful charging capability
• Multiple ports in one peripheral
• Dependable transfer speed


• Steep price
• Incompatible with iPad Pro


Upgrade your computer and laptop with the best USB hub. This hardware adds extra ports, allowing the computer to connect to compatible devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, projectors, and many more. Anker is a reliable and trustworthy brand that offers a high-quality hub with excellent performance. But you can also opt for other brands such as TP-Link and Aukey for affordable choices.

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