Best MMO Mouse for Enhanced Gaming Experience

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Best MMO Mouse Razer Naga Chroma

Best MMO Mouse for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Best MMO Mouse – Avid gamers need gaming skills and a precise strategy to win the game. But there is one more thing they need to prepare before combatting in the virtual battlefield MMO mouse. This gaming mouse is a proper weapon to help control the game so you need to find one that really fits your hand. What is the best MMO mouse available on the market?

Myriad gaming mice offer a lot of features and specifications to help you succeed in gaming. However, not all of them can fit your hands and meet your preferences. Many things should be kept in mind before choosing the right one, such as dpi, sensor, button position, and grip style. Once you know what you need, it will be easier to find the best mouse for MMOs.

Best MMO Mouse to Win the Game

1. Corsair Scimitar Pro – MMO Gaming Mouse

Corsair has been releasing decent products and Scimitar Pro is no exception. This gaming mouse features an exclusive key slider system that enables you to change button position and lock them. The side buttons are textured for improved precision and grip, making it a handy tool while gaming.

Corsair Scimitar Pro - MMO Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Scimitar Pro is equipped with 12 optimized mechanical side buttons that are specifically engineered to meet the Pro player’s preferences. The side buttons can be programmed with timer countdown, custom macros, DPI matrices, and many more.

The MMO mouse boasts a 16,000 dpi optical sensor for high-speed and ultra-accurate tracking. The device allows you to adjust the DPI color code to your profiles. There are 3 predefined profiles that you can choose, including actions commonly found on MMO games and general purposes. Thanks to lighting effects for the improved gaming experience.

Interestingly, Scimitar Pro allows you to tune the surface calibration for optimized responsiveness and precision on the playing surface. Moreover, the device lets you set it down to 1DPI for ultra-accurate movement. The mouse weighs around 4.3 ounces so it won’t make your hand tired too soon.


  • Exclusive key slider system
  • High DPI sensor at 16,000 dpi


  • Difficult to program, particularly for beginners
  • Narrow space between buttons
  • Steep price

2. Razer Naga Chroma – Ergonomic RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer is a renowned manufacturer among gamers for it has released myriad, high-quality gaming hardware. Among the favorite products is the Naga Chroma gaming mouse. Measuring 4.68 inches by 2.95 inches by 1.69 inches and weighing around 4.8 ounces, the mouse is good enough to fit your hand.

Razer Naga Chroma - Ergonomic RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

This is the best MMO mouse that features 19 programmable buttons, including 12 buttons of a mechanical thumb grid that offers a tactile feel. The 12-button thumb grid is designed with a concave shape that gives sufficient space for each button. It allows you to find the buttons blindly so you can stay focused on the screen. The Tilt-click scroll wheel can move up and down as well as left, right, and in for more functionality.

Razer Naga Chroma is among the most precise gaming mice as it comes with 16,000 optical sensors. It also features Chroma lighting on the scroll wheel and thumb grid that offers 16.8 million color options. Choose your color spectrum and personalize your weapon for a distinct gaming experience. Razer Synapse controls each region independently so you can make it as unique as you.

Inter-device color synchronization is another plus point of this hardware. The feature enables you to choose the same shade for each Razer gaming hardware, be it keyboard and mouse, or headphone. Now your Razer devices can be your perfect weapon to win the game with style.


  • 16,000 dpi optical sensor
  • 16.8 million Chroma lighting
  • Easy for beginners


  • High price
  • Not suitable for people with small hands

3. Logitech G903 Lightspeed – Gaming Mouse Wireless Charging with Powerplay

If you have extra budgets and need a dependable gaming mouse with lightspeed, Logitech G903 could suit you best. This Lightspeed mouse features Hero 16 sensor for improved tracking and improved battery life. As with other leading mice, this gaming hardware comes with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor for accurate tracking.

Logitech G903 Lightspeed - Gaming Mouse Wireless Charging with Powerplay

The 903 Lightspeed is supported by a 140-hour battery which boasts 6 times the battery life of its predecessors. And when you turn off the RGB lighting, the battery can last up to 180 hours. You don’t necessarily need to think about the battery. Thanks to the wireless mouse work with Powerplay that enables continuous wireless charging while gaming.

This MMO mouse is also equipped with RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors that allow you to customize the lighting effects at play. The full-spectrum lighting can respond to game action and screen color, providing you with an engaging gaming experience.

When it comes to design, the 903 Lightspeed is constructed with a configurable button layout. It enables you to choose right- or left-handed. Additionally, it has 11 programmable metal-spring buttons that can be customized through G hub software. Given that, the gaming hardware is suitable only for high-end gamers.


  • Wireless charging with Powerplay
  • Lightspeed mouse
  • A lot of customization


  • Extremely expensive

4. Logitech G600 – Alternative for Gamers with Tight Budgets

Available at an affordable price, the Logitech G600 can be a great alternative for beginners or gamers with tight budgets. The manufacturer has embedded 20 buttons that enable you to customize the mouse, including 12 buttons thumb panel that is designed for quick navigation. To minimize friction on the mouse pad, this device is made with polytetrafluoroethylene which promotes smooth motions and improved accuracy.

Logitech G600 - Alternative for Gamers with Tight Budgets

G shift ring finger button adds a plus point to this mouse. The G-shift button enables you to customize the features as with the shift key on your keyboard. In addition, the G600 is built for comfort to reduce fatigue during prolonged gaming sessions.

Experience high precision and accurate tracking with up to 8200 dpi laser sensor. The primary buttons are rated to 20 million clicks while the feet are rated to the 250-km range for optimized mouse usage. The G600 gets more impressive with custom-color backlighting. Thanks to 16 million colors that can be customized to each profile or mode so can easily find out which mode you are currently in.

Enjoy the onboard brains that allow you to access tracking, button, and lighting color on a computer without software. But you can download optional software to tweak the settings for a personalized gaming mouse.


  • 20 tuned buttons
  • Easy to customize
  • No software required


  • Not really comfortable to use
  • Extra buttons can be troublesome

5. SteelSeries 62051 Rival 500 – Button Programmable Gaming Mouse

Many gamers share the same issue with bottom key bindings. If you are among those gamers, SteelSeries 62051 can be the perfect hardware to solve the problem. The mouse comes with a convenient switch to provide smooth movement. A locking feature is also added when you are not using these buttons. Even when you are not gaming, the buttons provide a comfortable spot for the thumb.

SteelSeries 62051 Rival 500 - Button Programmable Gaming Mouse

This is the fastest and the best MMO mouse with an ergonomic design. Coming with a 16,000 DPI custom PixArt sensor, the 62051offers extreme precision, and high accuracy. It also features exclusive tactile alerts for an improved gaming experience. You can customize vibration patterns such as fast and slow heartbeats, short and long buzz, and many others.

Take advantage of 15 programmable buttons that feature easy customization. The manufacturer rates this mouse up to 30 million clicks, which means you can use it for a long time. Reinforced plastic is used for left and right-clicks, delivering unmatched quality by another mouse. It explains the durability of this gaming hardware.

The SteelSeries 62051 is equipped with a thumb grip that serves as a pivot point for the thumb. It allows you to identify individual buttons blindly so you can focus on the screen. Weighing 4.6 ounces, this mouse is pretty lightweight and does not make your hand fatigue during a prolonged session.


  • PixArt sensor for extreme precision
  • Flick down switches for key bindings.
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Need time to get used to

6. Razer Naga Trinity – MMO Mouse with Chroma RGB Lighting

The combination of skills and proper peripheral can help you succeeded in gaming. Razer Naga Trinity can be the best weapon to defeat your enemies as it boasts customizable buttons and lightweight. Razer’s Naga Trinity features 19 programmable buttons that let you remap the buttons and assign complex macro functions.

Razer Naga Trinity - MMO Mouse with Chroma RGB Lighting

Razer upgrades the design with rubber grips on both sides as well as mechanical switches. Not only does it feature rubberized sides but it also comes with a rubberized scroll wheel for optimized accuracy. Thanks to tactile bumps that help increase your scrolling control in any game situation.

Removable panels are the reason why this mouse is so unique and attractive. You can replace the panel when needed as it supports three-panel options: two-button layout, 12-button layout, and circular hex layout. Not to mentions, the buttons are highly customizable.

Naga Trinity supports up to 16,000 DPI optical sensor to ensure high precision and accuracy. Measuring 4.7 in by 2.9 in by 1.7 in and weighing 4.2 ounces, this hardware is handy and lightweight. Additionally, it has durable switches as it supports up to 50 million clicks.


  • Highly customizable side panels
  • Excellent performance


  • Lack of weight system

7. Corsair Nightsword RGB – Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse

How many mice out there provide an adjustable weight system? Surely not many. As an innovative manufacturer, Corsair released the top mouse product dubbed Nightsword RGB that boasts gravity auto-detection. It brilliantly detects the gravity center of the mouse in real-time to adjust mouse weight and deliver fine-tune balance.

Corsair Nightsword RGB - Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse

Corsairs’ Nightsword RGB also features an 18,000 dpi PixArt optical sensor to provide ultra-accurate tracking and total customization to sensitivity. The gaming mouse is designed with a contoured shape, allowing the device to fit your hand nicely. Thanks to rubber grips to ensure your comfort even during a long-lasting game session.

It comes with 10 fully programmable buttons, allowing you to customize the gaming experience through iCUE software. Similar software can also be used to customize RGB lighting. Moreover, the Nightsword RGB features Precise Weight Calibration, which is 2 sets of weights and 6 different mounting locations offering 120 different weight configurations.

In short, this is the best MMO mouse that is ideal for beginners, occasional players, or even avid gamers. The combination of ergonomic design and weight system allows you to enjoy hours of gaming sessions without fatigue on your hand.


  • Brilliant system for weight configuration
  • Ergonomic design to provide comfort
  • Exceptional performance


  • Not a good choice for gamers with a tight budget

8. Anker AK-A7815011 RGB – Ergonomic USB Computer Mouse

Anker’s AK-A7815001 is good news for gamers with a limited budget. This is a budget-friendly gaming mouse and yet it manages to deliver high precision and excellent performance to satisfy your gaming desire. It comes with a 6,000 DPI optical sensor that provides pixel-precise tracking, The 10 programmable buttons support total customization for perfect control mapping.

Anker AK-A7815001 RGB - Ergonomic USB Computer Mouse

As with Corsair’s Nightsword, Anker AK-A7815001 features a weight-tuning system that allows you to adjust the mouse’s gravity center. The system also ensures improved responsiveness and maneuverability to meet your playstyle.

The affordable gaming peripheral also boasts an ergonomic design that brings comfort to your grip. Solid RGB LED adds visual interest to the device, making it look more expensive than its actual price. The AK-A7815001 is highly customizable and programmable through specific software, which is unfortunately not included in the package.

This mouse makes a great choice for occasional players or beginners who need to upgrade their gaming skills. Measuring 9.6 in by 6 in by 2.7 in and weighing 4.6 ounces, this mouse is suitable for gamers with large hands.


  • Affordable
  • Good performance
  • Highly customizable


  • Customization software not included
  • Price determines quality


A lot of gaming mice are available on the market, providing copious features and specs to improve your gaming skills. Please note that choosing a mouse can be very tricky. Since it will serve as your weapon, it is necessary to choose one that really fits your hand. Make sure it can help you focus on the game instead of the mouse itself.

If precision becomes your priority, Razer Naga Chroma is an ideal mouse to opt for. But if you need a fast mouse with lightspeed, Logitech’s G903 can be your best gaming partner. In the condition that you want to enjoy a highly customizable mouse, Razer Naga Trinity with its changeable side panels is the one to choose.

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