Best Buy SSD Drive to Boost Your PC Performance

Best Buy SSD Drive to Boost Your PC Performance April 15, 2020Leave a comment
Intel Optane SSD 905P

Best Buy SSD Drive to Boost Your PC Performance – When your computer is slowing down, you may need to check the storage drive. Traditional hard-disk often makes a computer run slower, so replacing it with modern storage drives can be a solution to speed up the PC. SSD or solid-state drive offers faster performance as it uses flash-based memory. If you are planning to purchase one, the following list of best buy SSD drives can be your references.

Many things should be taken into consideration before picking a drive that seems ideal for your computer. Choose a compatible interface so you know exactly which SSD is supported by the computer. Knowing your suitable capacity is also necessary so you won’t waste the money. If you are ready to make a choice, check out the best SSD drives below!

Best Buy SSD Drive 2020

1. Best SSD Performance: Intel Optane SSD 905P

Best SSD Performance: Intel Optane SSD 905P

When you are looking for the best SSD and it has to be released by Intel, you can opt for Intel Optane SSD 905P. The device helps your processor perform faster and computes more with sequential reads at 2,600 MBps and sequential writes at 2,200 MBps.

This is a premium storage drive that features 3D XPoint memory that boasts the best responsiveness. And whenever you need a lot of endurance, the 905P can really meet your demand. Intel rates its endurance of more than 17 petabytes at 960GB. If you use a 1.5TB capacity, the endurance rating will reach more than 27.37 PBW.

Aside from exceptional performance and features, this storage drive is equipped with LEDs to make your PC look more alive. This device is available at various capacities starting from 380GB up to 1.5TB. Unfortunately, the 905P will not work on laptops.

Intel Optane SSD 905P Specs:

  • Storage Capacity: 960 GB
  • Interface: PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4
  • Weight: Up to 230 grams
  • Sequential Read (up to): 2600MB / s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 2200MB / s
  • Random Read (8 GB Span) (up to): 575000 IOPS
  • Random Write (8 GB Span) (up to): 550000 IOPS
  • Shape and Size: HHHL (CEM3.0)
  • Hardware Encryption: 256 AES bits


  • High endurance up to 27.37 PBW at 1.5TB capacity
  • Top performance
  • Toolbox included


  • Extremely expensive
  • Does not work on laptops
  • High power consumption

2. Best NVMe SSD: Samsung 970 Pro

Best NVMe SSD: Samsung 970 Pro

Samsung released the best buy SSD Drive to boost your computer performance without breaking your savings. The 970 Pro is a V NAND-based solid-state drive that offers power efficiency and enhanced bandwidth. This device is ideal for high-end gamers or content designers who need a powerful computer.

Additionally, the drive combines V-NAND technology with PCIe Gen 3×4 NVMe interface for fearless performance. It is capable of delivering read/write speeds up to 3,500MBps and 2,700MBps with up to 500,000 Random Read. This rating is about 30 percent faster than the predecessor.

Although it is significantly cheaper than Intel’s Optane SSD, the 970 Pro offers extraordinary endurance and class-leading performance. When compared to earlier generations, the drive can deliver 50 percent greater endurance up to 1,200TBW. Two capacity choices are available: 512GB and 1TB.

Samsung 970 Pro Specs:

  • Storage Capacity: 512GB, 1TB
  • Interface: PCIe Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3
  • Weight: 1.92 ounces
  • Sequential Read (up to): 3,500 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 2,700 MB/s
  • 4K Random Read (up to): 500000 IOPS
  • 4K Random Write (up to): 500000 IOPS
  • Hardware Encryption: AES-256, TCG Opal 2.0


  • Exceptional endurance
  • Leading performance
  • Full disk encryption


  • Limited capacity option
  • Relatively expensive

3. Best Budget SSD: Silicon Power P34A80

Best Budget SSD: Silicon Power P34A80

Are you looking for a solid-state drive with super-fast read/write speeds? Silicon Power P34A80 can be a good bet. The NVMe-supported SSD boasts rapid read/write speeds up to 3,400 MBps / 3,000 MBps. Although it is not the fastest record, it makes the Silicon Power drive more attractive.

The drive delivers acceptable endurance that matches its reasonable price. Compared to its competitors, Silicon Power’s P34A80 is not prominent. But for beginner tech enthusiasts or gamers, this solid-state drive is worth the thought.

The P34A80 is available in four capacity ranges: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB. Thanks to the Slim form factor that makes it fit perfectly for slim PCs. And yet, every purchase does not include a software toolbox.

Silicon Power P34A80 Specs:

  • Storage Capacity: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB
  • Interface: PCIe Gen3x4
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Sequential Read (up to): 3,400 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 3,000 MB/s
  • 4K Random Read (up to): 180K/290K/390K/500K
  • 4K Random Write (up to): 240K/510K/450K/600K


  • Reasonable price
  • Fast read/write speeds


  • Lower endurance
  • No software toolbox

4. Best M.2 SSD: Adata XPG SX8200 Pro

Best Buy M.2 SSD: Adata XPG SX8200 Pro

The XPG SX8200 Pro launched by Adata is the best buy SSD drive you can find on the market. This device comes to deliver leading performance for an improved experience, thanks to the combination of 3D NAND technology with PCIe NVMe Gen 3×4 interface sequential that enables the device to reach read/write speeds up to 3,500 MBps / 3,000 MBps.

As it supports NVMe 1.3, the drive can easily handle multitasking performance. Adata’s XPG SX8200 Pro is ideal for intense usage such as rendering, photo editing, video editing, and many others. If you need a drive that can maintain high speeds and data integrity, the XPG SX8200 can be a good choice.

What’s more? Adata SSD also includes an impressive XPG heatsink, which is a DIY metal heat spreader. This tool makes your solid-state drive cooler on your computer. More importantly, this is a drive that won’t drain your savings. Four capacity options are available, including 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

Adata XPG SX8200 Pro Specs:

  • Storage Capacity: 256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB
  • Interface: PCIe Gen3x4
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Sequential Read (up to): 3500MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 3000MB/s
  • 4K Random Read (up to): 390K IOPS
  • 4K Random Write (up to): 380K IOPS
  • Shock resistance: 1500G/0.5ms


  • Fast performance
  • XPG heatsink included
  • Boasts power efficiency
  • Reasonable price


  • Not so impressive endurance

5. Best SSD for Gaming: Samsung 970 Evo Plus

Best SSD for Gaming: Samsung 970 Evo Plus

Samsung’s 970 Evo Plus is an impressive solid-state drive at affordable prices. It uses V-NAND technology combined with the NVMe interface that boasts power efficiency and enhanced bandwidth. The combination makes its sequential read/write performance can reach up to 3,500 MBps and 3,300 MBps. The 970 Evo Plus is able to provide up to 1200 TBW, which is the same level as of Samsung Evo Pro.

The drive is designed to fit onto the M.2 form factor, which makes it a great space-saver. This Samsung SSD is supported by Samsung Magician Software that allows the device to optimize performance and data security through automatic updates. This is a brilliant breakthrough for performance optimization.

Prolonged use of computers can cause a hot temperature on the drive. Thanks to Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard that monitors and maintains operating temperatures automatically. The feature helps minimize performance drop due to increased heat.

Samsung 970 Evo Plus Specs:

  • Storage Capacity: 250GB/ 500GB/ 1TB/ 2TB
  • Interface: PCIe 3.0 x4 / NVMe 1.3
  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Sequential Read (up to): 3,500 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 3,300 MB/s
  • 4K Random Read (up to): 620,000 IOPS
  • 4K Random Write (up to): 560,000 IOPS
  • Hardware Encryption: Class 0 (256-bit FDE), TCG Opal 2.0, Microsoft eDrive


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent performance


  • Efficiency optimization can be improved

6. Best Internal SSD for PS4: Samsung 860 Evo

Best Internal SSD for PS4: Samsung 860 Evo

SATA is not the best option for a solid-state drive but it is still worth the thought. If you need a SATA SSD, Samsung 860 Evo is what you need to take into consideration. The drive is able to show strong performance as it combines AHCI technology with SATA 3 transfer interface that delivers read/write speeds up to 550 MBps / 520 MBps.

The Samsung 860 Evo is engineered with M.2 2280 double-sided form factor that allows other components to fit into space. When it comes to endurance, the drive is reliable to deliver up to 2,400 TBW, which is quite impressive for this price range.

The drive is available in five capacity ranges including 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. If you are looking for a SATA SSD to hold your games or less intensive applications, the 860 Evo can be a good bet.

Samsung 860 Evo Spec:

  • Storage Capacity: 250GB/ 500GB/ 1TB/ 2TB/ 4TB
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Sequential Read (up to): 520 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 550 MB/s
  • 4K Random Read (up to): 98,000 IOPS
  • 4K Random Write (up to): 90,0000 IOPS


  • Impressive endurance in its class
  • SSD toolbox included
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong performance


  • Runs at SATA performance

7. Best Value SSD: Western Digital Blue SN550

Best Buy Value SSD: Western Digital Blue SN550

Western Digital is among the best SSD makers who have been working for years to produce the best buy SSD drive. The WD Blue SN550 is one of the best buy drives for intense working as it is capable of delivering exceptional performance. Coming with PCIe Gen 3×4 interface and NVMe 1.3 technology, the drive can perform sequential reads/writes up to 2,400 MBps / 950 MBps.

The single-sided form factor makes the drive slimmer for the M.2 application. It also boasts low power consumption that makes it works nicely with the NVMe adaptor. The SN550 offers a lot of endurance up to 150 TBW at an affordable cost.

The WD drive is designed with a controller as well as firmware to ensure optimized performance. Additionally, the WD dashboard helps monitor the condition of your solid-state drive. The WD Blue SN550 is available in four capacities that range from 250GB up to 1TB.

Western Digital Blue SN550 Spec:

  • Storage Capacity: 250GB/ 500GB/ 1TB
  • Interface: PCIe 3.0 x4 / NVMe 1.4
  • Weight: 4 grams
  • Sequential Read (up to): 2,400 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 1,750MB/s
  • 4K Random Read (up to): 410,000 IOPS
  • 4K Random Write (up to): 405,000 IOPS


  • Competitive performance
  • Inexpensive


  • Power optimization can be improved
  • Little SLC cache

8. Best SSD SATA: Samsung 860 Pro

Best Buy SSD SATA: Samsung 860 Pro

When your computer can only support the SATA interface but you really need high performance and endurance, Samsung 860 Pro is surely for you. This solid-state drive brings MLC V-NAND technology and SATA 3 interface that manages to deliver reads/writes performance up to 560 MBps / 530 MBps.

The drive is capable of giving plenty of endurance up to 4,800 TBW. Samsung 860 Pro’s 2.5 inches form factor makes a compact and slim choice to save a lot of space. As it is available at a steep price, this drive is mainly used for bonafide business.

The 860 Pro is available at five capacities that range from 256GB up to 4B. Every purchase comes with included SSD toolbox and cloning software. The drive also supports eDrive encryption.

Samsung 860 Pro Spec:

  • Storage Capacity: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
  • Interface: SATA 6.0 Gb/s
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Sequential Read (up to): 560 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 530 MB/s
  • 4K Random Read (up to): 100,000 IOPS
  • 4K Random Write (up to): 90,000 IOPS


  • Reliable performance
  • Plenty of endurance
  • SSD toolbox included


  • Expensive cost


Among SSD drives mentioned above, which one is the best? It may be difficult to pick one SSD and claim it as the best choice as people have different drive preferences and compatibilities. The best choice should meet your needs so you have to understand what you expect from the SSDs.

For instance, Intel Optane SSD 905P can be a great choice if you expect a solid-state drive with the best performance and endurance as it can deliver up to 27.37 TBW. But if you are on a tight budget, then Silicon Power P34A80 or Western Digital will meet your demand. Or else, Samsung 860 Pro is the best buy SSD drive if you run a business.

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